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Eye Hospital & Laser Centre


Prakash Eye Hospital & Laser Centre is a well reputed eye hospital situated in the heart of the city with the maximum eye care facilities under one roof.

Mission & Vision

Prakash meaning “प्रकाश” is not a just a name bTax Reform Changes That Affect Your 2018 Taxes

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Our movement, our Aim, To change the life of our patients and humanity from the effect of darkness or poor vision to the life full of Prakash(Light) of clear vision.


OCT(Optical Cohorence Tomography)

Retina Services( 3rd Sunday of every month) including : Fundus flourescein Angiography, Argan LASER, Inj avastin etc.

Most advanced MICS Phaco cataract op.

Non-stitch cataract surgery by latest Cold phaco system (Signature & Soverign compact Fx-allergan, U.S.A)

Yag Laser – for post. Capsulotmy & glaucoma management.

Other facilities – world class auto-refractor, operating microscope (both from Zeiss, Germany), Photo slit lamp, gonioscope, applanation tonometer, etc.

We have in-house medical shop, optical shop, contact lens clinic, pathology, one pvt. Ward, Gen. ward, one minor O.T., and one major operation theatre.

We have 24 hr. generator back-up and our centre has been certified by pollution control board and we are registered with the local body (NAGAR NIGAM). We provide computerized billing to our patient and do mass level free vision screening & eye check up camps etc. We are doing screening for the employees of various factories (At SIDCUL pantnagar) also.

Our hospital is empanelled with more than twenty six TPA’s functioning in India so far.

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