Eye Hospital & Laser Centre


Prakash Eye Hospital & Laser Centre Meerut established in 2010 by Dr. Amit Garg, eminent Ophthalmologist, Prakash eye hospital is instrumental in changing the services standard of eye care in the state. Since its inception, Prakash eye hospital has been guided by patient centric values of efficiency, precision, comparison and integrity.

Prakash eye hospital is on the panel of many reputed public sector undertaking, corporate and all TPAs.


Mission & Vision

Prakash meaning “प्रकाश” is not a just a name but a movement. A movement of convertion our patient into “प्रकाश” meaning LIGHT. It means we giving a New Vision to patient.

Our movement, our Aim, To change the life of our patients and humanity from the effect of darkness or poor vision to the life full of Prakash(Light) of clear vision.

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