Eye Hospital & Laser Centre


Prakash Eye Hospital & Laser Centre is a registered organization operating under the leadership of our Founder and CMD Dr. Anurag Garg one of the most renowned eye surgeons in India, aided by a team of specialists with rich experience in their respective specialties from top hospitals across the country.

Prakash eye hospital is on the panel of many reputed public sector undertaking, corporate and all TPAs. We hope to continue serving our patients with eye ailments to the best of our ability and live upto the reputation of being a leading provider of quality eye care.


Mission & Vision

Prakash meaning “प्रकाश” is not a just a name but a movement. A movement of convertion our patient into “प्रकाश” meaning LIGHT. It means we giving a New Vision to patient.

Our movement, our Aim, To change the life of our patients and humanity from the effect of darkness or poor vision to the life full of Prakash(Light) of clear vision.

And with the advent of the kindle, amazon`s e-reader, the whole landscape has changed