Low Vision Aids

Eye Hospital & Laser Centre


Usually Low visual Aid is a magnifier, x2,x2.5,x3,x3.5….. x6 .The print is enlarged but only a small part of the page can be seen —this effect becomes greater as the magnification increases. The x6 gives more magnification with less area to be seen on the page whereas with x3 you can see more area on the page with comparative less magnification./p>


There are certain diseases, congenital, hereditary or acquired ones that may lead to permanent partial or total loss of vision.

The aim is to provide optical aids to patients whose vision is poor and cannot be improved with spectacles, in order to maximize the use of their remaining vision. No electronic devices are used.

There is a wide range of optical magnifying devices which can be used for a particular patient. Hand-held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, illuminated magnifiers, distance and near telescopic aids.

Only after low vision assessment and ophthalmological examination, as to what type of low vision aid is required in a particular case can be judged.

People often ask for a lens to magnify the whole page – such a lens would have very weak magnification and not helpful to those with really near vision difficulties.

At times even the strongest magnifier may not assist —usually because there is insufficient residual vision to magnify.

The Computers and closed circuit television are also useful as low vision aids. A Visual Support Service is also available to provide advice on non –optical aids, home support and training to develop skills to cope with sight loss.